Testing on XBox 360

Jan 11, 2009 at 3:16 AM
Well, I managed to save up enough money to buy the XBox 360 Pro console, as well as the Creator's Club Premium Membership which is required in order to play games created by XNA Game Studio on the XBox 360.  I deployed my code to the XBox 360 and it ran fine.  I also realized that if the XNA Game Studio Connect applicaton is running on the XBox 360, I can run my game in debug mode from Visual Studio 2008 on my PC.

Although it seems trivial to get the game running on XBox 360, I realized this is important when I heard from a game development company that they wrote a game in XNA that worked on Windows but crashed when run on PC.  This concerned me so I decided to scrimp and save for the XBox 360 to verify the same would not happen to my code.

I was greatly relieved to see my game run on my Toshiba HDTV via XBox 360.