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For those who are not big fans of Doctor Who, the 2005 series introduced the concept of the Last Great Time War, the final battle between the Doctor's people, the Time Lords, and the Daleks. Based on hints dropped throughout the series, this war was fought mostly using time technology as a weapon, but certain battles took place across space and time, using technologies from different species, like the Deathsmiths of Goth, for example.

Expanding on that, this game was designed on the premise that the Time Lords and Daleks, with their vastly superior technology, operate as manipulators that use less technically advanced species as pawns/assistants in their battles. Therefore, the main scenario would be a player acting as the Time Lords selecting companions from different sci fi franchises, such as Transformers, Star Wars, Robotech, etc., and travelling with them to specific points in space and time to battle against the Daleks and their companions. This was implied in the 4th series of Doctor Who, in the episode "The Sontaran Strategem", where Staal complains the Sontarans weren't selected to participate in the Time War. Thus in this game the player acts as either the Time Lords or Daleks and selects the races to fight underneath them.

Upon completion of this scenario, more functionality will be added to the game engine, such as being able to travel between points in time within a specific scenario, to mimic the time travel technology possessed by both the Daleks and Time Lords.

These two features should provide a challenging enough design problem for the game engine and keep me busy for several years. Plus, they allow me to grab existing 3D models from video games already out there, so I won't have to burn the midnight oil making 3D models.

In terms of technical challenges, the first prototypes will just be basic proof of concept code to implement the 3D gaming engine and prove the concept works. Once that's done, major refactoring will be done to incorporate design patterns to properly manage the game objects. When that's ready, UML diagrams in Visio will be provided.

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